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52 Series I Volume XLIV- Serial 92 - Savannah

Page 52 Chapter LVI. OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA.

November 27. -Marched at 7 a. m. ; moved along the railroad, tearing it up as we went. After destroying about four miles of the track we marched to Davisborough, and encamped for the night.

November 28. -Moved at 7 a. m., and commenced destroying the railroad track back toward the place we left off the day previous. After tearing up about three miles of it returned to Davisborough, and encamped for the night.

November 29. -Marched at 7 a. m. to join the corps in the direction of the Ogeechee River; passed through Spiers Station and Bethany, and bivouacked for the night about two miles east of the last-named place.

November 30. -Marched at 7 a. m. toward the Ogeechee River; the bridge being burned over the river was compelled to march toward Louisville, Jefferson County, and cross the river near its headwaters, where we joined the corps and encamped for the night.

December 1. -At Louisville, Jefferson County, Ga. ; broke camp at 7 a. m. ; marched to Birch Bark Cabin Creek and encamped for the night.

December 2. -Moved at 6 a. m. ; passed through Birdville, Burke County, Ga. ; was detained several hours by the bridge over Buck Head Creek being partially destroyed; encamped for the night on the east side of the above-named creek.

December 3. -Moved at 2 p. m., this brigade being the rear guard of the corps. The brigade did not go into camp until 6. 30 a. m. of the 4th.

December 4. -Moved at 7 a. m. and marched to the east side of Crooked Creek.

December 5. -Moved at 7 a. m. ; went into camp for the night at 5 p. m. near the headwaters of the Little Ogeechee River.

December 6. -Moved at 11 a. m. and marched about eleven miles in the direction of Springfield and encamped for the night.

December 7. -Marched at 7 a. m. and moved to near Springfield, Ga.

December 8. -Moved at 7 a. m. in advance of the corps to near Eden; went into camp at 4 p. m.

December 9. -Moved at 8 a. m. in the direction of Monteith, where the advance of the corps had considerable skirmishing with the enemy, but dislodged them from their fortified position a short time before dark, when the whole corps went into camp for the night.

December 10. -Moved at 11 a. m. Our division was left to guard the corps train, while the remainder of the corps pushed forward to destroy the Charleston and Savannah Railroad, after which they pushed forward toward the city of Savannah. We followed close after and encamped for the night at the Five-Mile Post, on the Augusta road.

December 11. -The brigade was ordered to be in readiness to move at 9 a. m., to await the result of a reconnaissance in force by the Third Brigade, which was developing the enemy's lines from the left of the First Division to the Savannah River. The brigade moved about 10 a. m. to a cross-roads about half way between the river and the Savannah road, when one regiment-the Twenty-ninth Ohio Volunteers-was detached to reconnoiter on the left of the Third Brigade to the river. The brigade was soon after moved in the same direction to the bank of the Savannah River, where we first saw the city of Savannah. The brigade lay in this position until about 4 p. m., when it was moved to the right of the division to relieve the Second Brigade and fill up the line between the left of the First Division and the right of our Third Brigade, which was accomplished by dark in the following order: the

Page 52 Chapter LVI. OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA.