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54 Series I Volume XLIV- Serial 92 - Savannah

Page 54 Chapter LVI. OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA.

December 10. -Arrived before Savannah; constructed a line of earthworks and lay under fire of the enemy's batteries until the 21st.

December 21. -The enemy having evacuated the city, this brigade, with the balance of the Twentieth Corps, occupied it and encamped in the northwest part.

Third Brigade, Third Division.

November 15. -This brigade, part of Major-General Sherman's Army of Georgia, moved from Atlanta, Ga., easterly, through Decatur, Stone Mountain, across Yellow River, through Rockbridge and Social Circle; from the latter place to Rutledge, a distance of seven miles, destroying the Georgia State Railroad at short intervals and railroad buildings. Marched thence to Madison and destroyed a mile of railroad buildings; thence through Eatonton to Milledgeville; crossed the Oconee River and marched through Hebron, Sandersville, and Davisborough; crossed the Ogeechee River and encamped on the 30th four miles east of Louisville.


Third Division. *

November 1. -At Marietta, Ga.

November 14. -Moved to Atlanta, Ga.

November 15. -Took possession of Anthony's Bridge, Flint River.

November 16. -Moved through Jonesborough; found enemy strongly posted at Lovejoy's, under General Cobb. The First Brigade charged and drove him from his position, capturing two 3-inch rifled guns; Tenth Ohio Cavalry charged him again at Bear Creek, when he retreated to Griffin.

November 19. -Crossed the Ocmulgee River at Planters' Factory; reached Clinton, Ga.

November 20. -Moved to Macon, Ga. ; drove enemy across Walnut Creek. The Tenth Ohio Cavalry made a charge on enemy's works at East Macon, capturing a battery in position, but were forced to leave it. The command fell back to Griswold Station, destroying railroad track to that point. It here captured a train of cars and destroyed a soap and candle factory and a pistol factory.

November 21 [22]. -Wheeler advanced with his cavalry corps and three brigades of infantry against Second Brigade, but was repulsed and compelled to retire.

November 24. -Moved to Milledgeville and crossed the Oconee River; moved on Augusta road and crossed the Ogeechee at the shoals.

November 25 and 26. -Moved through Sylvan Grove, where Wheeler's force attacked us in flank and rear, but was repulsed, with heavy loss.

November 27. -Struck the railroad at Waynesborough, the advance under Captain Estes, assistant adjutant-General, having destroyed the station and train of cars captured day previous, and partly burned the bridge over Brier Creek. Here I learned that our prisoners had been moved from Millen, Ga. ; and, after destroying track sufficient to prevent transportation for a few days, deemed it prudent to retire our infantry in direction of Louisville, Ga. Wheeler attacked rear and flank with desperate recklessness whenever opportunity offered, but was easily repulsed.


* Commanded by Brigadier General Judson Kilpatrick.


Page 54 Chapter LVI. OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA.