Today in History:

55 Series I Volume XLIV- Serial 92 - Savannah


November 28. -Crossed Rocky Creek and waited for the enemy to come up, which he did, with his entire force, charging as he came, but was repulsed again and again; was forced to retire, after losing not less than 600 killed and wounded.

November 29. -Reached Left Wing of the army at Louisville, Ga., where the division encamped for the next few days, resting for the first time.

December 1. -Marched in advance of a division of infantry on the Waynesborough road; found the enemy in position behind barricades. The Fifth Kentucky and Eighth Indiana Cavalry charged, and after a brisk fight compelled them to retire. Marched seven miles and encamped for the night.

December 2. -Marched at early hour; came up and engaged enemy at Rocky Creek, and drove them in confusion toward Waynesborough and Augusta; encamped near Lumpkin's Station.

December 3. -Marched on railroad and encamped at Thomas' Station.

December 4. -Marched out of camp to engage Wheeler's cavalry (encamped at Waynesborough, Ga.), composed of four divisions and two independent brigades. Came upon his advance two miles from town. The Second Brigade, being in advance, charged him in position, and after a fiercely contested struggle of about one hour's duration drove him into town, where he again took up a strong position, determined to hold the town at all hazards. The First Brigade, now having the advance, charged him in the new position, and with equal success. The enemy now feel back in great confusion beyond Bear Creek, closely pursued. They were in this engagement not only defeated, but completely routed and driven in great confusion a distance of eight miles; 200 rebels left in our hands wounded by the saber alone. Encamped for the night at Old Church.

December 5 to 6. -Moved and 7 a. m. on the 5th, in rear of the Fourteenth Army Corps, to Jacksonborough; the 6th, to Rock Head Creek. The 7th encamped near Sisker's Ferry.

December 8 to 10. -3 a. m. crossed the Ebenezer Creek and encamped five miles from Springfield. 9th, moved in rear of the Seventeenth Army Corps and encamped at Pooler Station, eleven miles from Savannah, Ga. 10th, encamped five miles from Savannah, Ga.

December 11. -Patrolled the Ogeechee River to find a crossing and encamped near King's Bridge.

December 12. -Crossed the Ogeechee and Cannouchee on pontoons. Encamped four miles of Fort McAllister, which we intended to attack and take on the following morning.

December 13. -Received orders from the General-in-chief not to attack the fort, but try and open communication with our fleet at Saint Catherine's Sound, which was done. Encamped at Kilkenny Bluff.

December 14. -First Brigade encamped at Sanbury; Second Brigade, at Midway. Nothing transpired.

December 15. -In camp.

December 16 and 17. -Marched to vicinity of King's Bridge and went into camp. 17th, 2,000 men, under Colonel Atkins, in conjunction with one division of infantry, moved to Altamaha bridge to destroy it and railroad track. The former being difficult of approach and strongly defended, its destruction was prevented; but the latter was thoroughly destroyed, and the command returned to camp, patrolling the Ogeechee until the 23d, when headquarters and First Brigade crossed and went into camp nine miles from Savannah, where the command is now [December 31] encamped.