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962 Series I Volume XII-III Serial 18 - Second Manassas Part III

Page 962 Chapter XXIV. OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD.

[AUGUST -, 1862]-9.30 a. m.

Major-General McDOWELL:

General Sigel is at Freeman's Ford, and finds no enemy on this side of the river.


[AUGUST -, 1862]-9.30.

Major-General McDOWELL:

GENERAL: General Tower has just thrown out skirmishers, and is preparing to push forward. He is about three-quarters of a mile from the cross-roads, and his skirmishers are a half a mile ahead. The battery section has taken up a good position a half mile to the rear.


Captain and Aide-de-Camp.

[AUGUST -, 1862]-9.45 a. m.

General McDOWELL:

We can discover a body of infantry, probably a brigade, about 3 miles off. They are stationary. We think the battery firing on Sigel is the same that opened on us this morning.

All quiet on our front.


WATERY MOUNT, [August -, 1862]-10 a. m.

Major-General McDOWELL:

GENERAL: Scouts have been across the river this morning one hour. All quiet. No firing is heard. The enemy has evidently left. A deserter, on his way to your headquarters, reports them as all gone toward Waterloo.



[AUGUST -, 1862]-10.30 a. m.

GENERAL: Prisoners report 90,000 men behind the Gap. Colonel Wyndham is blockading the road. I shall leave one battalion at Hay Market, and push on with the other one and Wyndham.



WATERY MOUNT, [August -, 1862.]

(Received 11 a. m.)

Major-General McDOWELL:

Over a hundred of the enemy's wagons in sight in three fields due west of this mountain about 6 or 8 miles. Infantry still in sight northwest of here, moving to out right.


First Lieutenant and Acting Signal Officer.

Page 962 Chapter XXIV. OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD.