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40 Series I Volume LIII- Serial 111 - Supplements

Page 40 Chapter LXV. S. C., S. GA., MID. & E. FLA., & WEST. N. C.

GRISWOLDVILLE, November 22, 1864-3,20 p. m.

[General G. W. SMITH:]

GENERAL: The whole division, including Cook's battalion, is one mile in advance of this place, on the Central railroad, in line of battle, with the State Line troops thrown out in from skirmishing with the enemy. Anderson's battery opened upon them just as I rode up to the line, the enemy's battery replying. General Philips does not know what their force is, and, on receiving your instructions, concluded not to advance farther. On the movements of the enemy depends whether or not the will fall back to this place or remain where he now is.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,



P. S.-I will remain to see any developments which may be made before I report in person.

November 22, 1864-4,30 o'clock.

Brigadier-General PHILIPS:

I am directed by the major-general to instruct you to withdraw your troops immediately to some convenient camp this side of the Cross Keys and take a suitable position for the night, unless you receive further orders. You will leave your camp this side of the Cross Keys at daylight to-morrow morning and come back to the fortification. Your note of 2 o'clock has been received. Keep the courier who brings this until your march, and notify us accordingly. When your leave to-morrow morning send a courier, stating the time you begin your march ofr the fortifications. Put your scouts well out to-night upon all roads leading from Clinton; or if the enemy mass upon you from any direction any direction, fall back to the lines of firtifications upon their approach and immediately reported the facts. There is a good branch just this side of Walnut Creek. Our cavalry were near Clinton this morning, but are being pushed back by the enemy.

By order, &c.:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Brigadier-General PHILIPS:

The superintendent of the Central railroad will have a train by 9.30 o'clock at the break about two miles and a half this side of Griswoldville. Doctor Rains will accompany the train, and will do all in his power to relieve your wounded men. Your will please have your wounded removed to this point with all possible speed. The major-general takes this method of tendering you and the troops of your command his grateful acknowledgments for their gallant conduct in the engagement through which you have passed, and is gratfied at your success in driving before you the enemies of your country. Had anything of this character been anticipated, the major-general and staff would have been with you have shared your danger and your honor. The reported advance of the enemy from Clinton makes it necessary that you have

Page 40 Chapter LXV. S. C., S. GA., MID. & E. FLA., & WEST. N. C.