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8 Series I Volume LI-I Serial 107 - Supplements Part I

Page 8 MD., E. N. C., PA, VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.

Report of Major William Atterbury, Eighty- third New York Infantry (Ninth State Militia.)

HARPER'S FERRY, July 4, 1861.

DEAR SIR: About 4 o'clock this p. m. the picket guard, under the command of Lieutenant Galbraith, of Company E, was fired upon by the rebels on the part of two of the picket guard to prevent the crossing of a member of the Pennsylvania regiment who had succeeded in crossing part way over about half a mile above the picket, the firing continuing after the return of the sentries to the picket, being very galling, and fearing they would attempt to cross over, Lieutenant Galbraith desired that renforcements might be sent him. Feeling satisfied that if attacked in the village a large sacrifice of the lives of the citizens would be the result, I ordered the advance of the command, consisting of Company A, Captain Morrison; Company C, Captain Prescott, and a detail of sixteen men from Company G, to proceed with me at once to the bridge. on arrival, found the enemy posted about the trestle- work and behind the abutments of the bridge on the Virginia shore and in some of the buildings along the river. Opened fire on them, but ascertaining that the muskets of the command were not effective at theat distance, and the enemy being armed with rifles or the following results: John Earle Banks, of Company G, short through the breast, died while being removed from the field; Ernest Gedricke, of Company A, short through the abdomen, supposed to be mortally wounded; Henry V. Williamson, of COMPANY G, shot through the leg, severely wounded, but will probably recover; Fred. R. Warner, of Company C, shot through the leg, slightly wounded. The men behaved with great courage and retired with reluctance.

Respectfully, yours, &c.,


Major Ninth Regiment New York State Militia.

Colonel J. W. STILES,

Ninth Regiment New York State Militia.

JULY 11, 1861.- Engagement at Rich Mountain, W. Va.

Report of Colonel Mahlon D. Manson, Tenth Indiana Infantry.


Battle- Field, Rich Mountain, July 12, 1861

SIR: I have the honor to submit the following report of the part taken by the Tenth Regiment Indiana Volunteers at the late battle of Rich Mountain, July 11, 1861, in obedience to your order:

I formed the regiment at 3 a. m. of the morning of the 11th of July, 1861, and marched under your orders in a direction flanking the enemy, and when we arrived within about one mile and three- quarters of the works of the enemy on the Beverly road, we filed off to the right and passed along the side of the mountain until we came to a blind road leading to Hart's house, on the Beverly road. I sent forward Company A under charge of Captain Chris. Miller, as skirmishers, and formed the remainder of the regiment into columns, and took up the order of

Page 8 MD., E. N. C., PA, VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.