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2 Series I Volume XXXVIII-II Serial 73 - The Atlanta Campaign Part II

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THE REPUBLICATION, in its entirety, of the War of the Rebellion: Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, is a service project undertaken by the National Historical Society in the interest of libraries and scholars who have long needed a reissue of this indispensable work. Each of the 128 volumes is published in full, including the Index, and all are heavily bound in buckram for long and continued use. This and other volumes of the set are available only from the National Historical Society.

Printed on 45 lb. Glatfelter Acid-Free

Paper by Edwards Brothers, Ann Harbor, MI 48106

The National Historical Society seeks to expand and enrich knowledge of the American past and, through its programs and services, to bring its members a fuller appreciation and deeper understanding of the people and events that came together to create the great history that is our heritage.

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