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669 Series I Volume XXIII-I Serial 34 - Tullahoma Campaign Part I

Page 669 Chapter XXXV. MORGAN'S OHIO RAID.

of Morgan at the time when this pretended surrender and parole was claimed to have been made, and, upon inquiry of Captain Burbick himself, I was informed that the affair took place at the identical time when Morgan found himself intercepted by my command, and while Morgan was hurrying this Burbick, alone and unarmed, along the road as a prisoner. I therefore treated this absurd claim with no notice whatever, and held the prisoners until General Shackelford came up some threequarters of an hour afterward, when I placed them at his disposal. The number of rebels captured was 364 men, rank and file, and about 400 horses. The arms and horses I returned over to Major-General Brooks at Wellsville. I take great pleasure in reporting that my entire command acted with the greatest promptness and alacrity, and Major Graham, Lieutenant Boynton, and the other gallant officers and men who composed it for the time being, are worthy of all the praise that can be bestowed upon them. I would especially return my thanks to Captain Pond. Adjutant Pierce, and the 20 private soldiers in the advance guard, who, by their boldness, merited the position to which they were assigned. Lieutenant Torr also deserves praise for the energetic efforts he made to forward his artillery during the various changes of the command until he was placed un the rear at Adamsville

G. W. RUE,

Major Ninth Kentucky Cavalry.


Numbers 13. Report of Lieutenant Colonel Noah H. Hixon, Thirteenth Ohio Cavalry, commanding militia.

HILLSBOROUGH, July 28, 1863.

GENERAL: In obedience to your order, I have the honor to make this my official report of the service rendered by the Highland Country militia under my command, in your pursuit and final defeat of the rebel General Morgan, near Buffington Island.

july 16 (11 a. m.), I received the following order:


Numbers 6. Hillsbourough, Ohio, july 16, 1863.

Lieutenant-Colonel HIXON:

I place at your command the mounted militiamen of this place. With these you will proceed at once to Belfast, in this country, where you will be joined by forces ordered to rendezvous there, which will make your command in all 350 mounted men, With this force you will overtake and attach yourself of General Hobson's command, and be with him at the defeat and capture of the rebel robber, Morgan.



Without unnecessary delay, I was on the march. On arriving at Belfast, and while organizing my force as best i could, information was brought in that the rebels had passed thought <oust Grove, and were moving toward Sinking Spring. My column was soon in motion for that place. On my arrival there at 9 p.. m., the report proved false, and the fact ascertained that they were moving toward Pikton, in Pike Country. I went into camp for the night.

Early in the morning of the 17th, my column was in motion in pursuit

Page 669 Chapter XXXV. MORGAN'S OHIO RAID.