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670 Series I Volume XXIII-I Serial 34 - Tullahoma Campaign Part I

Page 670 Chapter XXXV. KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA. AND SW. VA.

of Morgan. Came up with the rear of your army, at Jasper, about 2 p. m. Continued int eh rear until we arrived at jackson, at with place I reported 320 men for duty, and was, by your order, assigned to Colonel Wilford's brigade.

On Sunday morning, July 19, while your advance was engaged with the enemy, I was ordered with my forces to Adams' Mills, to head off Morgan's advance. I went on double-quick; arrived in time to secure a good position; threw my forces in line of battle, and then awaited their approach. Soon their advance guard appeared in the hills in the direction approach. Soon their advance guard appeared in the hills in the direction of the river. On discovering our position they halted, and in a rew minutes retired. Soon after, I received ordered to proceed, with my command, as rapidly as I could, to Tupper's Plains, where, by General Shackelford's orders, I supported - Kentucky Battery. After remaining in this position for an hour, information was received that the enemy were moving up the river. I was then ordered by General Shackelford on double-quick to - Ford, on the Hocking River, to obstruct and dispute their passage at that place and in all possible ways. Before I arrived at this, Morgan had passed. I received the information from my scout that the enemy's force was 2,000 which I reported to General Shackelford. At this place I captured Surg. Henry F. Fox, of Duke's Second Kentucky regiment. We returned to camp.

Monday morning (5 o'clock), I started, with Colonel Wilford, in pursuit of the retreating enemy. After a march of miles, I was ordered by General Shackelford to take charge of a lot of prisoners, among whom was Colonel [J. M.][Huffmen, and conduct them safely to Buffington island, which I did, and turned them over to yourself. I was them ordered to report my command to Camp Dennison, where I reported 200 men.

I feel it my duty to say, although my command was composed of raw militia, their promptness in obeying orders on the march and on the battle-field gave them more the bearing of veterans than of raw militia.

I am very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding Militia.

Brigadier General E. H. HOBSON,

Louisville, Ky.

Numbers 14. Report of Lieutenant Colonel George W. Neff, Second Kentucky Infantry (District of Ohio), of skirmish at Camp Dennison, Ohio.

Camp Denison, Ohio, July 18, 1863.

GENERAL: I have the honor to make the following report of the skirmished this point on Tuesday, 13th [14th] instant:

Sunday afternoon, the 11th [12th], i received news of Morgan's forces being in Indiana, and that very probably he would march through Ohio near Camp Dennison. Sunday night I ordered Captain von Doehn, assistant adjutant-general and discharging officer, with 25 men (cavalry to patrol the Madisonville pike, and place pickets on all the main roads leading to his camp, at a distance from 4 to 6 miles.

Page 670 Chapter XXXV. KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA. AND SW. VA.