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676 Series I Volume XXIII-I Serial 34 - Tullahoma Campaign Part I

Page 676 Chapter XXXV. KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA.

in a northerly direction, which fact was reported to you, and soon after we were ordered to proceed to Wellsvile. We did so in the course of Saturday night, and toward daylight received orders to take position at Salineville, 16 miles from Wellsville, on the Cleveland and Pittsburg Railroad.

On arriving there, I learned that Morgan's scouts head already been in town (6 a. m.), and had returned to their main body, which had camped the night before about 2 miles from this place. As we entered one end the night before about 2 miles from this place. As we entered one end of the town their main body was advancing directly into the town in our full view, although we were still concealed from them. I screw up the regiment by companies on the right of and commanding the only road leading into the town. Morgan pressed directly forwarded, sending on a small coming completely within our power, and them attempted to countermarch. Just at this movement a detachment of the Ninth Michigan cavalry, commanded by Major Way, which had been following them for some time previously, arrived and attacked the countermarching line. A short skirmish took place, and them, finding themselves cut off from farther advance by my regiment, and prevented from retreating by the Michigan cavalry, 233 men and 9 commissioned officer, with 108 horses, surrendered.

One portion of the force, with General Morgan himself, retreated across the country, leaving the road. I immediately sent five companies of my regiment, under command of Major McClintock, to cover the different roads as far as possible, learn the direction taken by the enemy, and prevent their reforming.

As soon as I learned the course taken by take, I sent Lieutenant-Colonel Weaver to General Shackelford, who was lying as Hammonds-wille Station, 8 miles below, and that much nearer Wellsville, to bring up his cavalry. General Shackelfored's force reached Salieneville in company with Colonel Weaver, and reported to me 11 a. m. Just as he arrived Major Rue, being in front, and the general in rear of the line our scouts reported that Morgan had cross the railroad the major of Shackelford's forces to take a certain, I intercept him if possible, and, if not able to accomplish that, to drive them forwarded into another trap.

As soon as this had been done, I reported to yourself by telegraph my action in ordering the cavalry forward, and also stated that Morgan seemed to be heading for Liverpool of Smith's Ferry. in reply, I received a dispatch ordering me to turn over to Colonel Bemus the prisoners I already had, and proceed at once to Wellsville with my command. On arriving there, I was sent by your to Liverpool and Smith's Ferry, to receive the enemy in case the cavalry which I had sent forward should fail in making the capture. Soon after my regiment was drawn up at these two points covering the roads to the river, I received another dispatch from you, stating that General Shackelford, following the instructions given by me to his force, had come up with Morgan near Scrogg's Church, and that the whole force had surrendered about 4 p. m. Immediately afterward i received orders to return to Pittsburg, where we arrived about 11 o'clock on the night of Sabbath, the 26th of July.

Respectfully, your, &c.,


Colonel, Commanding.

Major General W. T. H. BROOKS.

Page 676 Chapter XXXV. KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA.