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678 Series I Volume XXIII-I Serial 34 - Tullahoma Campaign Part I

Page 678 Chapter XXXV. KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA.

Numbers 19. Report of Lieutenant Colonel James M. Comly Twenty-third Ohio Infantry, First Brigade.

Camp White, W, Va., July 22, 1863.

SIR: In accordance with instructions from brigade commander, I submit the following report of the movements of the Twenty-fifth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the chase after Brigadier-General Morgan:

This regiments arrived at Gallipolis, Ohio, Saturday morning July 18, and immediately moved up the river in streamer B. C. Levi. At Pomeroy landed to intercept Morgan; had a slight skirmish, in which citizens since reported 3 of the enemy killed, and 16 wounded and left at the roadside in houses. We had 1 man slightly wounded-Corporal [William A.] Clemons, of Company B-and captured a number of horses, but no prisoners at this point.

The enemy continued his march rapidly in the direction of Buffington Bar. Two men of the Twenty-third Regiment, left accidentally behind at Pomeroy, in endeavoring to reach the regiment at Buffington Island, met, on the Old Town road, a force of 145 rebels, who surrendered to them, and were escorted by them to Buffington Island, General Hobson's headquarters, and delivered over to him. For particulars, I refer you to statement inclosed, * signal After Arthur and D. H. Kimberly.

Landed at Buffington Island Sunday morning, but the enemy escaped before our forces were brought into action, and made his way up the river. Re-embarked and moved up to Hockingport, where we again landed. In the afternoon the left wing, under command of Captain Zimmerman, was sent over the Ohio to capture a party of rebels who had crossed before our forces came up. This expedition returned in the evening, unsuccessful, the party having been notified of Captain Zimmeran's approach, by disloyal citizen.

After the left wing started, I received ordered direct from General Scammon to attempt the capture of a party of rebels supposed to be lurking in the hills below the Hocking, and accordingly left to execute the order. Three complies were deployed as skirmishers, to scour the hills in every direction, and a citizen was soon brought in who had been captured early in the morning by the rebels, who took everything he had on his person except his shirt and pants, and than forces him to act as a guide. Company A was then sent around to the right of the position; Company C was left to guard the only outlet in front, and I moved by a circuitous route to the rear. This march was a very laborious one of about 5 miles, through ravines filled with tangled underbrush. When near the camp, the advance guard, Company F, was deployed so s to entirely cover rear of the enemy's camp, and the skirmishers came up within 30 yards of the enemy's camp before they were discovered, when they opened fire, and the enemy surrendered immediately without firing a shot. The party consisted of 6 officers and 43 men, non-commissioned officers and privates. The horses were stampeded by the firing, but 46 were brought in the morning, as will be seem by statement of Sergeant [Leander H.] Lane, which is inclosed.*

From this time the regiment had no fighting or skirmishing. Numerous


* Not found.


Page 678 Chapter XXXV. KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA.