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681 Series I Volume XXIII-I Serial 34 - Tullahoma Campaign Part I

Page 681 Chapter XXXV. MORGAN'S OHIO RAID.

GLASGOW, KY., July 3, 1863.


The following is a synopsis of dispatches sent from General Manson at Tompkinsville, to General Judah, received 7 miles out on the road at 3 a. m. 3rd instant, and forwarded, by ordered of General Judah:


Captain R. C. KISE, Assistant Adjutant-General:

Returned scouts reports rebels at Turkey Neeck Bend commenced moving yesterday afternoon, and the remainder left this morning. Large portion took the Burkesville road; portion went in the direction of Martinsville. Whole rebel force estimated from 2,000 to 10,000. Think the rebels will attempt to cross the river at Burkesville, or some point above that place. Think they will make a feint on Burkesville, while they cross with main force at Rowena and Greasy Creek. Think the force which left Turksy Neck Bend cannot re-enforce those at Burkesville, who have made an attack on General Habson. He (General Manson) will send cavalry to make a diversion at Mud Camp, and hold the main force for further orders.


Major, Commanding.

GLASGOW, July 3, 1863.

(Received 4 p. m.)


A dispatch just received by courier from General Hobson says small parties of rebels have been in Columbia, and that he learned that they intended sending 400 to the place to procure goods. General Carter should prevent them going to the place. General Hobson is evidently holding sis own. He also reports rebels crossing at Mund Camp Ford, and suggests that General Manson send cavalry in that direction, which from dispatch of General Manson is already done.


Major, Commanding.

LOUISVILLE, July 4, 1863-4.30 p. m.

(Received 9.30.)


The railroad is reported torn up on Lebanon Branch, and train captured. Wire all down south, and Morgan's operator between the junction and Lebanon, and probably communicating with the office in Lexington and Camp Nelson. I know nothing of Morgan's position. believe the road and telegraph interrupted by him and men.


Brigadier General, Commanding 2nd Div., 23rd Army Corps, and Dist. of Kentucky.

LOUISVILLE, KY., July 4, 1863-5.30 p. m.

Major-General HARTSUFF:

Colonel Hanson telegraphs that Morgan attacked the Twenty-fifth Michigan Volunteers at Green River this morning at 5 o'clock. Result not known. He reports rebels at Campbellsville to-day. If Hanson cannon be re enforced from Camp Nelson, of from other places,

Page 681 Chapter XXXV. MORGAN'S OHIO RAID.