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685 Series I Volume XXIII-I Serial 34 - Tullahoma Campaign Part I

Page 685 Chapter XXXV. MORGAN'S OHIO RAID.

mounted force of 1,800, which Judah sent to Columbia by a shorter road than taken by the enemy, and that the mounted force at Jamestown would both reach Columbia ahead of Morgan, I left the five companies of the Twenty-fifth Michigan at Green River Bridge. I hear from Lebanon of fighting there, and fear they are captured.

The following is the charge I made, consequent on the above-named failures, viz: The Twenty-fifth [Second] East Tennessee Mounted, from Somerset to Libanon; the Ninth Michigan from Stanford, and the Eight Michigan from Hickman Brigade, by forced marches, to Lebanon; what men Colonel Byrd can get ready at once, to Lebanon the Twentieth Kentucky to take a defensible position, and maintain themselves until re-enforced; the infantry at Jamestown to Somerset and all troops at Somerset to Mount Vernon; all Carter's mounted force from Mount Vernon to Danville, reporting to me by telegraph on arrival there; the Tenth Kentucky Cavalry to Hickman Bridge, except, there companies out scouting. I remove the infantry from Jamestown, because they can neither pursue nor intercept the enemy now; infantry force from Somerset to Mount Vernon for same reason, and the additional one that I want all the mounted troops, and must replace them at Mount Vernon. If compelled to fall back, the force at Lebanon will go toward Danville. If they can hold their own, I will send troops from Danville as fast as they arrive, to them. I do not hear from Judah, but am expecting news every minute.



JULY 4, 1863.

General WILLCOX, Indianapolis;

Send the Seventy-first Indiana and all the available artillery and cavalry that you have to report to General Boyle for temporary duty at Louisville. Morgan has got into the State with some 4,000 men. Please send the troops at once; they can be provided with subsistence at Louisville if you have not it ready. Will answer your dispatch of yesterday and day before soon.



CAMP SANDERS, July 4, 1863.


I can put 400 men into active service. I sent my quartermaster to Lexington for ammunition, horses, and horse equipments. There hundred of the horses have arrived this evening, but no saddles or equipments. I have been using all my energy to hurry the matter, but all our horses had to be shod, and means for shoeing very poor. I think we will be ready in three or four days with the whole command.


Colonel, Commanding.

SOMERSET, KY., July 4, 1863.

Major-General HARTSUFF:

Dispatches from Colonel Wolford are this morning received. One hundred of his force sent to Columbia, under Captain Carter, First Kentucky Cavalry, met near that place what they supposed to be a regiment of rebels, and were repulsed and driven back to Columbia.

Page 685 Chapter XXXV. MORGAN'S OHIO RAID.