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687 Series I Volume XXIII-I Serial 34 - Tullahoma Campaign Part I

Page 687 Chapter XXXV. MORGAN'S OHIO RAID.

direction of the railroad. Heard, from reliable source, that squads of them were within 2 miles of town last night, and it is rumored that they have destroyed the railroad bridge some 3 miles from this place. I sent all the Government horses to Hickman Bridge, and not able to mount more than 4 men, and I have sent them as scouts, one to Columbia and the others on different routes in direction of enemy. I think that they are trying to capture train to-day. Better have guard sent with it. Cannot you send me 50 horses?


Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding.

LEBANON, July 4, 1863.


My scouts returned. No enemy on the Bradfordsville road or along the railroad, but found them on the top of Muldraugh's Hill, on Campbellsville road (about 60), and they drove back 8 of our scouts. I t is reported that Morgan has a large force at and this side of Campbellsville. They say 5,000; I guess not more than a few hundred. We will fight on, and trust to relief coming before it is too late.


Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding.


Via Glasgow, July 4, 1863-3 p. m.

Major-General HARTSUFF:

Enemy had no infantry; six pieces of artillery. Had moved into small tributaries of the Cumberland most of his boats; two large ones left at Burkesville. A gunboats could protect itself, and might be in season to prevent enemy from receiving, of least delay him till a pursuing force could come up. I hope enemy had advance a little beyond Columbia before our forces came up. Its possession gives him too many avenues of escape. Hobson alone at Columbia could cut him off in that direction. I can don thing more till more fully informed.


Brigadier-General, Commanding.

Glasgow, via Cave city and Munfordville, [Jul;y 4, 1863]-6 p. m.

Major-General HARTSUFF:

Your dispatch of 3.30 a. m. to day received. I arrived here an hour ago, pretty well fagged. The 1,000 cavalry, also Eleventh Kentucky Cavalry, are in. Manson [will] be in with whole brigade some time tonight. Can you give me any position items from Columbia? Shackelford must have reached there this morning. Hobson will be to-night by some route. I propose to leave to-night or by daylight, and push on to Greensburg with cavalry here, but shall try to get a citizen scout thought to hobson or Shackelford and back, if possible. I will start Manson's force to Munfordville in the morning. If Moore fights at Green River Brigade or destroys it, it will check the enemy till Shackelford or Hobson comes up. I feel bad at Morgan's reaching Columbia, but I could not help it. I did all I contracted to do, and from enemy's

Page 687 Chapter XXXV. MORGAN'S OHIO RAID.