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695 Series I Volume XXIII-I Serial 34 - Tullahoma Campaign Part I

Page 695 Chapter XXXV. MORGAN'S OHIO RAID.

to send them at the enemy via Harrodsburg or bring them here, them send them, if the enemy does not approach, across the river at Lawrenceburg. I think the latter plan the boats, but await you directions. With Byrd's force, the force at Hickaman is sufficient to defend. No news from Carter; none from Judah; line not working to Glasgow. I am sending everything possible from here to hickman; what cannot go there will be put in the front. I have made arrangements, if necessary, to go to Hickaman, as I will cut off from all communication with troops if obliged to go into the fort here. I will not leave unless it is evident the enemy will attack in such force as to render it necessary to go to the enemy will attack in such force as to render it necessary to go to the force.



CINCINNATI, July 6, [1863]- 11 a. m.


As soon as you can, get hold of Carter and Wolford. Carter will take command of all the mounted troops south of Kentucky River, and follow Morgan up until he overtakes him, and drives him out of the State.

General Boyle telegraphs that the operator at Bardstown Junction heard heavy cannonading this morning in direction of Bardstown, and Colonel David says that a brigade under Clarke went from Lebanon in direction of Columbia. I will try to get instructions to Judah to see that his mounted force take care of that part of the enemy as well as any force that may be threatening the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. Out men should move quickly, and if horses give out, they must impress new ones; and both horses and men must live on the country. The Fifth [Twenty-fifth] Michigan fourth Morgan in crossing Green River and repulsed him.

He acknowledges a loss of 30 killed, among them Colonel [D. W.] Chenault. The operator at Munfordville reports all quiet, and says he knows nothing of Judah's force. Where do you think he is? I will try to get order to him by messenger from Munfordville. The operator at lebanon says no forces have been there since Colonel Jacob left. Would it not be well to have the rolling stock of the Lexington road run down to this end till the excitement is over?


LEXINGTON, July 6, 1863-11.10 a. m.


Following just received from Colonel David. It is the first reliable information I have had of his whereabouts:


I am now near the junction of Danville, Lebanon, and Perryville road, 13 miles from Danville. From the best information I could get from prisoners and other parties, I coulded Morgan was after our trains and to destroy Danville. He would go toward Louisville. As soon as I could get proper guides, I sent them, with a small detachment, to watch Morgan. I then fell back to this point, to be ready to move in any direction ordered. I was fearful I would get my train captured, and sent all but forage wagons to Hickman. We have marched 80 miles two entire nights and without rest, and fought Morgan out of Lebanon. We have lost 40 hours killed by the forced march yesterday; the heat was intense. We will follow after Morgan as directed. I can do little unless I am ordered to supply myself with horses and forage

Page 695 Chapter XXXV. MORGAN'S OHIO RAID.