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697 Series I Volume XXIII-I Serial 34 - Tullahoma Campaign Part I

Page 697 Chapter XXXV. MORGAN'S OHIO RAID.

CINCINNATI, july 6, 1863.


Please report on your arrival at Hickman Brigade any information you get, and also the state of affairs there.


CAMP NELSON, July 6, 1863.


Arriving here this evening. Found everything in good condition as possible under the circumstances. Am greatly gratified at the arrival in Lebanon of our force. Judah will soon join them; he was crossing at Vaughn's Ferry at 8 a. m. Colonel Moore with his small force beat off Morgan's force, killing 34 and wounding a proportionate number, causing Morgan to go around him. It was a gallant, splendid thing. Sanders is after the two Michigan regiments with verbal instructing. Sanders is after the two Michigan regiments with verbal instructions nearly similar to those

I gave Colonel David. He is now at Danville, and will join the pursuit. News that rebel infantry is approaching Glasgow in some force. Carter has arrived at Stanford with his infantry, Gilbert's must soon arrive at Danville. They are in the best position to fit up an expedition. I have strong hopes that we will get Morgan yet.



CINCINNATI, July 6, [1863.]

General HARTSUFF, Camp Nelson:

The following just received from Boyville:

Marshal, superintendent Louisville and nashville Railroad, sends me the following note:

General BOYLE:

Operator at Bardstown Junction says a man just in front Branch reports 2,500 men coming down to Shepherdsville. I have had an operator at Shepherdsville who has just come in; will send an engine with operator out a few minutes. Will you want to sent artillery to Shepherdsville? If so, let me know immediately.


Morgan may destroy the brigade over Salt River and the Rolling Fork; I cannot prevent. He may have sent a band to Harrodsburg and lawrenceburg; but his main force will go out by Elizabethtown. It is strange to that our mounted force do not catch him.


I am satisfied that a portion of Morgan;'s force went toward Columbia from Lebanon. Parties should look after them. The cavalry force at Lebanon and those with Judah can look after Morgan's main body. I want whole available command in the State put in readiness for a rapid movements as soon as Morgan is driven out. I have told Boyle to direct the force at Lebanon, if necessary.



Louisville, July 6, 1863-12.45 p. m.

Major-General Burnside:

I can hear nothing of Morgan's force this morning. Operator at Lebanon telegraphed an hour since that Colonel Wolford's cavalry were within 4 miles of Lebanon, coming from direction of Columbia. I have

Page 697 Chapter XXXV. MORGAN'S OHIO RAID.