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723 Series I Volume XXIII-I Serial 34 - Tullahoma Campaign Part I

Page 723 Chapter XXXV. MORGAN'S OHIO RAID.

force does not exceed 3,500 men and four pieces of artillery, and, besides, I am satisfied he does not intend to visit Indianapolis. General Boyle tells me that you are not disposed to risk the trains that are loaded with Myers' battery and the Seventy-first Indiana from Jeffersonville to Indianapolis. I will order them to remain there, and will send you the Indiana battery from here with an infantry regiment. I desire that you will keep them both on the train until there is some certainty of the approach of the enemy to Indianapolis, in order that they may be returned here at once should they not be needed.



MITCHELL, IND., July 10, 1863.

General BOYLE:

Morgan is now north of Salem. He came near capturing one of our trains after troops. Salem is reported on fire.



INDIANAPOLIS, July 10, 1863-1 a.m.


It is not unlikely that Morgan will attempt to go out about Louisville. I am informed that there is a lot of spare artillery at Louisville. Would it not be well to mount it on boats, and patrol in river between Louisville and Lawrenceburg? He should not be allowed to escape. I will have 15,000 militia to-day.

By order of Governor:


Private Secretary.

JULY 11, 1863.

General BOYLE, Louisville, Ky.:

Colonel Sanders should be at Eminence by daylight. He has a battery of artillery. The commanding officer at Madison has over 1,000 infantry, 144 cavalry, and four Rodman guns, two of which he has put on the ferry-boat, commanded by Captain George Brown, of the Navy. Some 500 additional men are on their way from Indianapolis, and have arrived before this. He is picketing all the roads leading from the city, and will barricade them if the enemy approaches. He seems to be a reliable man. It would be well to send Manson as you propose. Why have no gunboats gone up? Jeffersonville should be kept safe from attack. Hobson ought to be very close on Morgan's heels. Urge up two or three of the gunboats.



JULY 11, 1863.

General BOYLE, Louisville, Ky.;

Colonel Sanders has arrived at Eminence. I have sent him the following orders:

Colonel SANDERS, Eminence:

It is supposed that Morgan may attempt to cross the Ohio at either Westport, Grassy Flats, or opposite Bedford. Keep your scouts well out in the direction of

Page 723 Chapter XXXV. MORGAN'S OHIO RAID.