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814 Series I Volume XXIII-I Serial 34 - Tullahoma Campaign Part I

Page 814 KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA. Chapter XXXV.

Libson, and about the same distance from Salineville, a direct road leading to the latter point, and lower down a road leading to New Lisbon. At the red mark, I across the road to New Lisbon, the cannon was planted, timber felled and the New Lisbon Guards, under Judge Curry, drawn up in line of battle. Here was where the flag of truce was sent, and conference [held] between Morgan and Judge Curry. The rebels then proceed down to the other cross-roads leading from Highlandtown to New Lisbon, with Maus a prisoner and Burbick a guide. After they had passed the road they became uneasy, and discovered clouds of dust, &c. It was our forces coming up. The black ink dots represent our forces, commencing below highlandtown, but which road they came in I cannot state. They got on the road Highlandtown to New Lisbon. At the cross in lack ink the forces divided, one taking a road or following the creek by a mill called Laughlin's and thus heading Morgan, and the other pursuing straight to the road coming from Gavers, and coming in the rear of Morgan. Here comes to conflicting statements as to the surrender. Maus, with flag of truce, at thread of the column, or forces under Colonel Jacob, and Burbick at rear of forces under Major Rue and General Shackelford. I understand also that Captain Hibbets, of Virginia, Hancock County, was present at surrender, but cannot give you the particulars. It may be if Mr. Maus was to see him he could tell. I think you can rely on statements of Mr. Maus. In order to send him to Columbus, I have furnished him with $7 of funds. Will you see his boarding settled and transportation furnished back to Salem? Mr. Maus will state about a pistol give him. If it is proper for provost marshal to five it to him, let it be done. I am writing out statements for our county papers, and will it be done. i am writing out statements for our county papers, and will send you one.

I have received yours concerning full statement of raid, &c., and will get to work immediately getting up statistics. Excuse this scrawl, and, if you cannot read it, Judge Hoffman can.



P. S. - I should have added that 2 miles below where Morgan was captured, near West Point, two companies of Home Guards, well armed and ready to give him a warm reception, were stationed to received him.

AUGUST 1, 1863.


(Care of N. Merion, warden, &c.)

SIR: In order that I might fully investigate the facts touching your surrender, I have delayed until this time replying to your communication of the 28th ultimo, in which you claim that you surrendered to one Captain Burbridge [Burbick], of the Ohio State Militia, upon terms and conditions, and in which you demand of me as commander-in-chief of the Ohio States forces that the terms of surrender accorded to you said Burbridge be fully carried out. I have now investigated the facts, and find them to be substantially as follows: That a private citizen of New Lisbon by the name of Burbick (and not Burbridge, as you suppose) went out with some 15 or 16 others to meet your forces, in advance of a volunteer organized military body from the same place, under command of Captain Curry; that said Burbick, is not and never as a militia officer in the service of this State; that he was captured by you and traveled with you some considerable distance before your surrender; that upon his discovering the regular military forces in the service of

Page 814 KY., MID. AND E. TENN., N. ALA., AND SW. VA. Chapter XXXV.