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123 Series I Volume XXXVI-II Serial 68 - Wilderness-Cold Harbor Part II


tion, move forward his left,and retire his right, and make every effort to connect his left with the right of General Weitzel's division. The flankers of General Weitzel would also look for his (General Turner's) line. General Turner's division was at this time deployed on the open about 300 yards northwest of Dr. Howlett's house.

May 12, 10.30 a. m.-To direct General Turner to retire his right. At about this time the connection was made with Weitzel's division.

May 13, about 10 a. m.-To order Battery D, Fourth Artillery, and Battery L, Fourth Artillery, to report at once to Major-General Smith, near the Half-Way House. I found this artillery parked on the road near General Ames' former headquarters.

May 13, 11.30 a. m.-To direct General Brooks to have the right of his line connect with General Weitzel. The same to General Weitzel in regard to his left, and General Brooks' right.

May 13, 6 p. m.-To order General Brooks to push the enemy opn his front. The same to General Weitzel, and to keep up the connection.

May 14, 4.30 a. m.-To direct General Brooks to push the enemy, and occupy their first line, if not held in force.

May 14, 5.15 a. m.-To order General Turner to advance his line and move on the left of General Brooks, and advance his line of skirmishers well to the front.

May 14, 5.30 a. m.-I found a brigade of Turner's division in camp in the woods, on the line of May 13, without a brigade commander. This I ordered out on the open in front, and reported this to Major-General Smith, who directed me to report the same to General Turner, and have it moved to the front at once, which was done, after some delay.

May 14, 11.30 a. m.-Reported to Major-General Butler that Major-General Smith desired such rifled guns as could be spared to report to him, the same to be parked in the field, in rear of Dr. Friend's house. One rifled battery, also a light 12-pounder battery; these were parked as directed.

May 16, 4.45 a. m.-Reported to Major-General Butler that the enemy had made a heavy attack on our right, and that Major-General Smith, desired re-enforcements, as our line was long, thin, and weak.

May 16, 5.30 a. m.-Was directed to report the condition of General Brooks' line, at the same time to order all artillery not in position back to the Half-Way House. All trains to move rapidly to the rear and beyond the Half-Way House.

May 16, 9.30 a. m.-To direct General Brooks to have his right move by the flank, and follow General Weitzel's left, when his (Weitzel's) division moved to the right.

May 16, about 2.15 p. m.-I delivered a written order to General Brooks in regard to an advance of his whole line.

May 16, 3.15 p. m.-Ordered General Brooks to retire to his last line, in the same order that he advanced; to move when General Weitzel moved.

May 16, 4 p. m.-Delivered a written order regarding the withdrawing of his command and the disposition of his skirmishers.

May 16, 4.45 p. m.-I was ordered to proceed in advance of the infantry, then en route for camp, and order all trains and artillery back to camp, and to keep the road clear.