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140 Series I Volume XXXVI-II Serial 68 - Wilderness-Cold Harbor Part II


Julian) was deployed at the edge of the woods as skirmishers to cover the retreat and was withdrawn when the column retired in the afternoon. The regiment retired with the brigade, recrossed the turnpike, and took position east of the Half-Way House. Company H (Captain Smith) was here thrown out as flankers. The regiment moved into camp that afternoon at the head of the column. The casualties on the 16th were Sergt. Nathaniel E. Dickey, of Company B, Private Andrew M. Dunsmore, of Company C, Corpl. John S. Cheney, of Company D, Corpl. W. B. Lewis, of Company I, and Second Lieutenant Robert R. Thompson, of Company H, wounded; Private John H. Harvey, of Company E, and Corpl. John C. Walker, Company H, killed. Privat Owen McMann, of Company E, missing.

The following-named officers only took part in these operations, viz: A. F. Stevens, colonel commanding; Major William Grantman; Captain E. E. Dodge, acting major; Captain Normand Smith, commanding Company H; Captain N. D. Stoodley, commanding Company G; Captain George N. Julian, commanding Company E; Captain Matthew T. Betton, commanding Company K; Captain E. W. Goss, commanding Company I; Captain Buel C. Carter, commanding Company A.

First two day only: Captain George Farr, commanding Company D; First Lieutenant James M. Durell, commanding Company C; First Lieutenant Charles B. Gafney, commanding Company B; First Lieutenant H. W. Hall, commanding Company A; First Lieutenant J. Dustin, commanding Company F; Second Lieutenant H. Churchill, Company A; Second Lieutenant C. C. Favor, Company B; Second Lieutenant A. J. Sherman, Company D; Second Lieutenant S. M. Thompson, Company E; Second Lieutenant George H. Taggard, Company F; Second Lieutenant L. C. Oliver, Company G; Second Lieutenant R. R. Thompson, Company H; Chaplain George G. Jones; First Lieutenant R. P. Staniels, acting adjutant; First Lieutenant M. L. Morrison, regimental quartermaster; Dr. E. Morrill, assistant surgeon.

This list is exclusive of officers detached and on the general staff. Drs. Richardson and Sullivan were on detached service at the hospital.

The conduct of the officers and men of the command was commendable. They endured the fatigue and met the dangers of seven days' marching and Fighting without flinching, and, under all the circumstances, with commendable promptness and alacrity. I beg leave to commend particularly the tenacity with which they held their position on the morning of the 16th (in connecting with the Tenth New Hampshire, posted on their right) against two lines of the enemy for some time after it was known that our right had been turned and the troops on our immediate left had retired across the field.

A portion of the camp and garrison and quartermaster books and papers were brought up to our position on Sunday evening, 15th. In retiring from our position the next morning, wee, in common with other regiments and commands, were obliged to abandon a considerable share of it. The adjutant and quartermaster desks, books, and papers were necessarily left upon the field and lost.

The following is the report of prisoners captured by my regiment:

By Company A, Lieutenant Hall commanding................... 1

By Company B, Lieutenant Gafney commanding................. 24

By Company D, Captain Farr commanding...................... 10